Sakari Peltola is a Finnish artist who started his artistic career with drawing and painting at a very young age. His first private exhibition was in 1992. He studied at the Art school of Kankaanpää, Finland where he specialized in different sculptural techniques. His main material for the past 18 years has been stone, especially granite. He has had many solo and joint exhibitions in galleries, museums and public spaces. His works are held in public collections in Finland, Europe, The United States and Asia. 

"I have always tried to find something new in my art. Recently I've been building my sculptures from several objects and stone. By doing so I'm trying to reach more dimensions and levels despite the weight and hardness of stone. With modern tools we can do many things with stone in a relatively short time. Nonetheless, stonework is still mostly hands on and the physical part of making a sculpture is the important part of the creation, it's almost like a performance itself." 

"A tiny drop in time 
One fast passing moment 
Beginning of life 
Frozen forever still 
Splash of life 
Splash of joy"